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We are a small consultancy service specialising in small scale environmentally friendly solutions for water, sewage and waste problems. We offer a range of services including:

  • - Design and specification of small scale sewage and wastewater systems including reed beds and compost toilets
  • - Private water supply appraisal including use of springs, surface water, wells/boreholes, rainwater and grey water harvesting systems
  • - Advice on treatment of effluents for reuse
  • - Advice on organic waste management including composting and anaerobic digestion
  • - Tailor made courses and lectures on all aspects of water, sewage and organic waste management
  • - Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies to ISO 14040-14043, in water and sanitation related issues

The majority of work is done by Dr Judith Thornton, who has been a water, sewage and waste consultant since 2000, including at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth. Judith has designed and installed a variety of systems, including reed beds, compost toilets, and private water supplies. As well as running Water Works, Judith teaches on an MSc in Advanced Energy and Environmental Studies for the University of East London.

Judith is also author of The Water Book. Whether you are installing a private water supply or are interested in supplementing your mains supply, this book can help. Click on the book cover on the left for further details. Updated in 2007, including advice on the new Private Water Supply (Scotland) Regulations, 2006.

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