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Organic waste management services

Many of our wastes are actually resources. We need to stop thinking about linear production chains (raw resource becoming product becoming waste) and think in terms of interlinked cycles, where the output from one process becomes the raw resource for another. An obvious example of this is composting, where food we don't want and garden trimmings can be transformed into useful soil nutrients. We are all aware of domestic scale compost bins in the garden, but larger scale composting of organic materials is also possible. In some instances, anaerobic digestion may be more appropriate than composting.

We can offer advice and carry out feasibility studies for organic waste management at scales from home and community composting, through to organic waste management for businesses producing up to around 15 tonnes/week.

Previous project examples

  • - Home composting adviser training for the Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP). Judith has been a tutor on the WRAP course taught by Garden Organic (formerly HDRA) for the last 4 years.
  • - Bristol Zoo. As part of the development of a new National Wildlife Conservation Park on the outskirts of Bristol, we carried out feasibility work on the potential options for treating all food waste and animal dung on the site (totalling around 10 tonnes/week).

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