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Water related services

Water is something that many of us take for granted in the UK. Mains water is cheap, clean and safe. However, many people are becoming more interested in the alternatives. Water Works offers a range of services.

Interested in a private water supply?

When looking for alternative water supplies, the main considerations are quantity and quality of the water source. Whilst it is technically possible to treat almost any water to drinking water standards, it does not follow that it is environmentally friendly to do so. Wales Water and Sewage Services can visit your site and assess your water use, potential water sources and the quality of any alternative water supply. We can advise on water collection, storage and treatment systems. If you already have a private water supply we can advise you on safety and maintenance. More detail here.

Need to comply with the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes?

Since May 2008, all new homes in England must be assessed against the Code for Sustainable Homes. The Code measures the sustainability of a new home against categories of sustainable design, rating the ‘whole home’ as a complete package. The Code uses a 1 to 6 star rating system to communicate the overall sustainability performance of a new home. The Code sets minimum standards for energy and water use at each level. Water Works can advise on how best to meet the water requirements of the Code. More detail here.

Want to buy the water book?

Judith is an authority on small scale water supplies in the UK and has written "The Water Book", a manual on finding, moving, storing and cleaning water. This is a practical guide to the issues surrounding water supplies and their installation and is available from the author via this site. More detail here.

Interested in the environmental or financial benefits of becoming more water efficient?

It is almost always easier to use less of a resource than it is to find more of it. Implementing water efficiency measures may not be as exciting as installing a supplementary water supply, but it is considerably cheaper and much more environmentally friendly. Using less water has the added advantage that you have less sewage to clean. Wales Water and Sewage Services can carry out water audits and advise on water efficient appliances which will save you money as well as water.

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