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Yn anfoddus, mae bob un yn Saesneg. Cysylltwch fi os gwelwch yn dda os dach chi'n gwybod am dolenni iawn yn Cymraeg.

Sewage related

The Building Regulations 2000 - Approved Document H on drainage and waste disposal downloadable from here.
DEFRA - Sewage treatment and waste disposal, including the legislation surrounding it.
Environment Agency - 'Net Regs' on issues surrounding sewage treatment.
Compost Toilet World - Resource of compost toilet suppliers, installers and general information.
Allotments Regeneration Initiative - Pdf file on compost toilet installation in the UK
Ecological Sanitation Research - Worldwide examples of ecological sanitation
Edie - News service on environmental management, including water and sewage.

Water related

World Health Organisation - Detailed information on the basis for WHO guidelines on drinking water quality. Health Warning - this is more than 500 pages long!
Watermark project - Benchmark information on water use in the UK public sector.
Environment Agency - Lots of useful information on water supplies including:
  • Water Resources for the Future - future strategies for England and Wales, facts, figures, regional maps of water resources
  • Demand Management Bulletin - news on leakage, education initiatives, water efficiency
  • Saving Water in Buildings fact cards information on a range of water efficiency products, including suppliers details
Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 - Regulations that specify types of valves required according to contamination risk.
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology - Main research organisation in UK for hydrology.
Met Office - Rainfall data for the UK.
Oxfam - Detailed information on water supplies for disaster relief (e.g. water treatment, storage, pipeline design).
Drinking Water Inspectorate - Private Water Supply Regulations (1991) available here. Also lots of fact sheets on common questions regarding public water supplies (e.g. lead, chlorine, hardness).

Professional bodies and regulators

Environment Agency - Regulator for private water supplies and sewage systems in England and Wales. Contact for consents and licencing.
OFWAT - Regulator for the UK water industry. Information on public water supplies.
Drinking Water Inspectorate - Monitors public water supply. Useful factsheets on drinking water quality.
Chartered Institute of Environmental Health - Events, members information, publications, details on the health issues surrounding private water supplies.
Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management - Events, members information, details on sustainable management of water resources.

Sustainable building and technology links

Green Building Press - Publish Building for a Future magazine, operate a green building web forum, publish the green building bible, a news service and more.
Centre for Alternative Technology - Europes leading eco-centre, with a visitor centre, free information service, courses, publications available via mail order on all aspects of sustainable living.
Association for Environmentally Conscious Building - Membership organisation offering training, information and links on environmental building.
The Green Register - Training and networking for sustainable construction.
Building Research Establishment - Research, consultancy and publications on the built environment.


Most of the following are fairly indepth and are suited to students or people who need lots of information but have more time than money. Many are available from the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Sewage Solutions - Answering the call of nature. Guide to independent sewage treatment, aimed at the householder.

Lifting the Lid - A guide to ecological toilet systems. A sister volume to Sewage Solutions, focussing largely on compost toilets.

The Water Book. Chapters on finding, cleaning and moving water, using less, rainwater and greywater use, water in the garden. Aimed at the householder. Available from the author via this site.

Septic Tanks an overview. Useful manual for septic tank owners.

Manual on treatment for Small Water Supply Systems. WRc-NSF. (2001). Aimed at Environmental Health professionals. Contains good diagrams of water supply systems.

Water Treatment & Sanitation. Mann & Williamson (1982). ITDG. Useful short guide on basic water supply and sewage treatment systems for developing nations.

Water Regulations Guide. Guidance from WRAS (water regulations advisory scheme) on the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

Windpumps. Barlow (1993). Estimating the wind resource and specifying wind pumps for water supply.

Going With the Flow - Predominantly a guide to small scale hydroelectric schemes, but has a good chapter on surveying sites for water.

Field Hydrogeology, Brassington (1998) - Details on site assessment, pumping tests for estimating yields of boreholes.

Hand dug wells and their construction. Watt & Wood (1979). ITDG publications - Useful guide if you intend to dig a well yourself.

The Rainwater Technology Handbook. Rainharvesting in Buildings. Klaus W Konig. ISBN 3-00-008368-3. Details of a number of rainwater harvesting projects from around the world.

Marking and Identification of Pipework for Reclaimed (greywater) systems. WRAS information and guidance note. 9-02-05.

Disposing of Rainwater. BRE Good Building Guide 38.

Rainwater and greywater use in buildings. Decision making for water conservation. CIRIA PR 80. - Discusses the background to the use of rainwater and grey water, the first of three publications that resulted from the Buildings that Save Water Project (BTSW) undertaken by CIRIA and BSRIA.

Rainwater and greywater use in buildings. Best practice Guidance. CIRIA C539. - Detailed guidance on design principles for rain and grey water systems.

Rainwater and greywater in buildings: project report and case studies. CIRIA Technical Note TN7. - Case studies of a variety of rain and grey water systems in the UK within the Buildings that Save Water project.

Wastewater Engineering. Metcalf & Eddy. McGraw Hill. The definitive (and very long) guide to municipal sewage treatment.

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